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Ready to finally reach your goals?

I'm here to help you get the clarity and direction you need to do just that!

I help women reach the goals that feel impossible and bring the vision they have for themselves to life.

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Hello, lovely!

I am so happy that you've stopped by my little corner of the internet. You being here means you're ready to make a change in your life for the better and I'm so excited at the opportunity to support you!

If we haven't met yet, my name is Kayrol, and I'm the founder and head coach at Island Tea Coaching. It's my mission to help women not only develop an unwavering belief in themselves, but to help them get the clarity and confidence they need to bring the vision they have for themselves to life. Helping women see results, achieve their version of success, and feel as supported as possible is so important to me and as such, I take an approach to coaching that is both compassionate and outcome-focused. 

We are constantly learning and growing here at Island Tea Coaching, and I'm excited for you to learn and grow with us!

Empowering you to be
the happiest you 

How I Empower You

Private Life Coaching

Private Life coaching is designed to help you reach your personal goals, become the person you want to be, and live the life you ultimately want to live. This is perfect for women who feel overwhelmed with their goals or continuously postpone taking action towards their goals and are ready to finally go after what they truly want in life. 

Private Business Coaching

Private Business coaching provides a 1:1 opportunity for you to learn the business fundamentals you need to confidently start your business. This program is designed specifically for aspiring and new online business owners who are ready to build a strong foundation for their business but need some direction.

Island Tea Intensives

An Island Tea intensive is a 3-hour experience dedicated to mapping out a plan for you to achieve one specific goal in your life or business. Intensives focus on identifying roadblocks preventing you from achieving your goal, developing a clear path to overcome them, and making sure you're equipped to see your goal through. 


You're ready for a change. You're ready to turn your goals into accomplishments. You're ready to feel more fulfilled and live the life you know you're meant to live. And I'm here to help you make it happen.

"I have been in private coaching with Kayrol for a month and could not be happier that I met her. It is so easy to communicate with her and I am now becoming more unapologetic in being true to who I am, and I am making decisions that I've always wanted to make with my needs and goals as top priority. Kayrol is such a beautiful soul and her energy is always positive and uplifting even while I work through some challenges. I highly recommend Kayrol to anyone who is looking to connect to someone who is caring, compassionate, funny and still keeps it real."

- Leslie D.

"My Business Coaching intensive with Kayrol was very motivational and productive. She provided a detailed, guided plan specific for me and my goals, and encouraged me to not neglect my own needs while trying to grow my business. She set realistically attainable goals that help motivate me to actually do the work! I've already started working on the goals she's set for me and I'm excited to see where this goes!"

- Shirley D. 

"I had a Life Coaching intensive with Kayrol and got so much insight from it! I struggle with imposter syndrome and she was able to help me understand what causes it, how to address it and counter that thinking, and create next steps and practical actions for breaking past that roadblock in my life. She's relatable, personable, and knows her stuff. Everything she shared with me was so simple, yet so powerful. I feel confident that I'm on the right track to transforming my life by overcoming this roadblock that has been huge for me, and we only had ONE session!"

- Gina L.

Interested in working together?


Apply to work with me!

You can apply to work with me at the link below. Note that your application submission for private coaching will include a free 45-minute clarity call which you must schedule when you submit your application. Applying for any service is NOT a commitment, but rather your way of letting me know you're interested. If you have any questions you would like answered before applying, please send me an email or message me on Instagram, and I will get back to you within 72 hours!

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Need some guidance right now?

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